The MB/PhD Programme leads to the MB, BChir and PhD degrees and is designed for medical students who are interested in academic or research careers by enabling them to integrate a three-year period of research with their clinical education.

The clinical component of the curriculum is designed to equip students for a lifetime of medical practice in a changing world with emphasis on the acquisition of clinical skills by direct patient contact. At the start of the programme, students follow the Standard Course Stage 1 curriculum up to and including the Stage 1 student selected component. Following a clinical academic module and subject to satisfactory progress, this is followed by a three-year period of full-time research combined with three hours a week clinical education. It concludes with students rejoining the clinical course to complete their studies with either the Standard or Cambridge Graduate courses, depending upon the time of completion of the PhD.

During the research component, students are based mainly in the laboratory or department of their choice at the Addenbrooke’s complex or at one of the University sites in central Cambridge.