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Fiona WalterFiona Walter - Clinical Lecturer


Fiona is NIHR Clinical Lecturer in General Practice at the General Practice and Primary Care Research Unit in the Department of Public Health and Primary Care, University of Cambridge. She also works as a GP in a local practice, and is Clinical Associate Professor at the School of Primary, Aboriginal and Rural Health Care, University of Western Australia, where she spends a month each year. Her main research interests include patient experience and early diagnosis of cancers and genetics in primary care, risk understanding and communication, and qualitative methods. She sits on the NCRI Primary Care Clinical Studies Group (PCCSG), and is a member of the PCCSG early diagnosis sub-group, the Cambridge Cancer Centre, the International Primary Care and Cancer Research Group (Ca-PRI) and PC4, the Primary Care Collaborative Cancer Clinical Trials Group funded by Cancer Australia to develop and conduct cancer research in Australian primary care.

Fiona also leads clinical academic training for the GP&PCRU and the development of a Masters in Primary Care Research for the Clinical School. Her MD thesis ‘Family history of common chronic disease in primary care: the patient’s perspective’ was awarded the 2007 Ralph Noble prize, and she is a Fellow of Lucy Cavendish College, Cambridge. Prior to her academic career, Fiona was a GP Principal for many years and, in 1995, was awarded Fellowship by Assessment of the Royal College of General Practitioners.


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