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DIME (Data for the Improvement of Medical Education)

Title: Data for the Improvement of Medical Education (DIME)Main longitudinal Cohort Study
Principal research question: This project seeks to identify and understand those factors in undergraduate medical education which enhance the quality of patient care provided by students in their medical practice.

The need for this programme of research arises from interaction between a series of changes in health care, in the concept of a "good" doctor, in medical education and in general secondary education. The main concern of the research is concern for patient care, within this, the project hopes to provide :

  • greater understanding of students’ characteristics, attitudes and values and their relationship to subsequent patient care.
  • greater understanding of the impact of the relationship between student characteristics, attitudes and values, the course provided, assessment of performance and patient care. 
  • better selection of students in the light of changes affecting application and admission to medical schools
Methodology description: This project comprises a questionnaire survey of all students entering Cambridge to study medicine, on entry and at the beginning of each subsequent pre-clinical and clinical years. Factors examined using validated instruments include: Anxiety and Depression, Empathy, Death Anxiety and Attitudes towards End of Life Care, and Experience of close personal death,
Sample group description: Approximately 450 students (300 pre-clinical and 150 clinical) in each annual cohort .
Outcome measure description: Better understanding of the factors in undergraduate medical education likely to enhance the quality of patient care.
Project organisation
Start date: 1st September 2007
End date: 31st December 2020
Contact person: Dr Thelma Quince
Contact Details: Address: General Practice & Primary Care Research Unit
Institute of Public Health
University Forvie Site, Robinson Way
Telephone: 01223 330329
Fax: 01223 762515
E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


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