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Erica Borgstrom

Miss Erica Borgstrom

In January 2010 Erica started her PhD – an anthropological study of ‘choice’ in end of life care. This is funded by the NIHR CLAHRC for Cambridgeshire and Peterborough and she is part of this CLAHRC’s End of Life Theme. She is co-supervised by Dr. Simon Cohn and Dr. Stephen Barclay. She is also part of the Social Analysis of Health Network.

From March to December 2009 Erica worked as a research assistant on the student reflective portfolio project with Dr. Stephan Barclay and Dr. Simon Cohn. Building on her background in anthropology and qualitative methods, she hopes to explore both theoretical and practical issues arising out of student reflections on end-of-life care and medical education. This included looking at how the student discussed professionalism which emphasised a need for balance between values as well as analysing the use of denial and good death in the portfolios. Contact Erica for a list of conference papers based on this work.

Erica graduated from Durham University with a BA in Anthropology in 2007 and MA in Research Methods (Anthropology) in 2008. Her past research interests have been wide ranging, including studying issues around advocacy and ethics in research of sensitive topics (using infanticide in Ghana and female circumcision as examples) as well as social networks and the spread of information in a small American town. Erica is also working with Dr. Peter Kellett to build a network of scholars working on the construction of everyday life in informal settlements with a focus on Latin America. Together they are convening a panel at the 2010 Annual Society for Latin American Studies in Bristol.

Please contact Erica for a list of her publications, conference papers and museum exhibitions




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