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The Primary Care Unit

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James BrimicombeMr James Brimicombe - Data Manager

B.A. (Cantab)

After graduating from Cambridge University with a BA in Maths, James joined the Cambridgeshire County Council's IT department as a trainee programmer on the IBM mainframe. He then switched to the booming PC Database development team, and has been programming databases ever since - on Foxpro, Access, SQL Server and Oracle - using a variety of application tools. Projects there included helping develop the County website, developing the internal (intranet) phone book and a large financial data warehouse reporting system.

In December 2006, having enjoyed a 15-year tenure at CCC, James joined the Unit as the Data Manager. His work here is varied, but the focus is on designing & building database applications that capture and validate study data, along with keeping that data available and secure for research staff.


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