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Wendy Hardeman

Dr Wendy Hardeman - Senior Research Associate in Behavioural Science

PhD, MSc

Wendy's research applies insights from behavioural science, in particular health psychology, to behavioural interventions to promote physical activity, decrease energy intake, and support medication taking. Her key interests are the specification of interventions (e.g., behaviour change techniques), intervention fidelity, mechanism of intervention effects, and processes underlying behaviour change. 
Wendy has developed behaviour change interventions and contributed to their evaluation in large-scale trials funded by the UK Medical Research Council (MRC) and National Institute for Health Research (NIHR). Wendy is Deputy Director of an NIHR programme grant on the development and evaluation of very brief interventions to promote physical activity in primary care (http://tiny.cc/VBIprog). She leads two workstreams: an evidence review of the cost and effectiveness of very brief interventions, and a large-scale pilot trial which evaluates several promising very brief interventions among adults eligible for the NHS Health Checks. Other intervention studies include the promotion of physical activity in order to prevent type 2 diabetes (ProActive, Propels); multiple behaviour change among people with recently diagnosed diabetes (ADDITION Plus); a feeding programme to avoid excess weight gain in formula-milk fed babies (Baby Milk Study) and support for medication taking in type 2 diabetes (SAMS).
Methodological research underpins Wendy's empirical studies. In an MRC-funded study with Susan Michie (University College London, PI), Marie Johnston (University of Aberdeen), Jill Francis (City University London), Charles Abraham (University of Exeter) and Martin Eccles (University of Newcastle), Wendy has contributed to the development of a taxonomy of behaviour change techniques (BCT Taxonomy V1; Annals of Behavioral Medicine 2013) (http://www.ucl.ac.uk/health-psychology/BCTtaxonomy/index.php). Wendy led an NIHR National School for Primary Care Research funded study which developed a reliable coding frame to assess implementation of SAMS from nurse-patient consultations, going beyond a priori hypothesised active ingredients.
Wendy is member of an expert group developing new MRC guidance for the process evaluation of complex interventions, co-author of the NHS Health Trainers Handbook and a systematic review of reviews of dietary and physical activity interventions (PI: Colin Greaves, University of Exeter) which fed into the Development and Implementation of a European Guideline and Training Standards for Diabetes Prevention (IMAGE).
Wendy obtained a PhD from the University of Cambridge on the application of psychological theory and evidence to the development and evaluation of behaviour change programmes, supported by an NIHR fellowship. She has an MSc in Human Movement Sciences (Free University, Amsterdam). Before coming to Cambridge she conducted research in AIDS prevention in Italy, worked on international health policy projects at an NGO and evaluated health education campaigns. Wendy has written books about Personal and Social Education for student nurses, published by Elsevier.


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