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Thelma Quince

Dr. Thelma Quince - Educational Research Associate


Thelma studied Economics and Economic History at the University of Durham. She has worked as a researcher the fields of small business, entrepreneurship and management, undertaking both quantitative and qualitative studies. Returning to full-time education the mid 90s she received a PhD from the University of Cambridge in 1999. Thelma joined the unit in 2003, having previously worked in the Centre for Business Research and the Centre for Family Research.  She is responsible for the work of the Medical Education Research Group. Her research interests include the development of professional attitudes and values by medical students.  

Selected recent publications: 

Thelma A. Quince, Stephen I. G. Barclay, Michelle Spear, Richard A. Parker and Diana F. Wood (2011) Student attitudes towards cadaveric dissection at a UK medical school. Anatomical Sciences Education 4 (4) 200-207

Thelma Quince, John Benson, Arthur Hibble, Jon Emery (2008) Clinical competence through teaching students: appetizers, main dishes and digestives. The Clinical Teacher 5 (2) 103-109

Thelma Quince, Arthur Hibble, Jon Emery, John Benson (2007) The Impact of Expanded General Practice Based Student Teaching: the Practices’ Story. Education for Primary Care 18 (5) 593-601

John Benson, Thelma Quince, Arthur Hibble, Thomas Fanshawe, Jon Emery (2005) Impact on patients of expanded, general practice based, student teaching: observational and qualitative study. BMJ: 331: 89-92 


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