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Health Services Research Group

The Health Services Research group was founded in April 2009, with the arrival of Professor Martin Roland CBE to take up the newly established Chair in Health Services Research. The research of the Health Services Research Group focuses on developing methods of measuring quality of care, and evaluating innovative approaches and policies to improving care.

With the Health and Healthcare group at RAND Europe, the Health Services Research Group now makes up the Cambridge Centre for Health Services Research (CCHSR), formed in 2010 as a formal collaboration between the University of Cambridge and RAND Europe. The RAND Corporation is a not-for-profit US policy research organisation. The Health and Healthcare group at RAND Europe is directed by Dr Ellen Nolte.

A full list of staff is available here.

More information on projects, collaborators and publications can be found on the CCHSR website.

Research Interests and Projects

  • Use of patient experience surveys in primary care to improve communication between doctors and patients (the IMPROVE project)
  • Evaluation of the South London Integrated Care Pilot
  • Evaluation of the UCLH Macmillan Cancer Centre
  • Examining the primary care experiences of people with diabetes
  • Investigating the relationship between multimorbidity, adverse outcomes and patient experience
  • Understanding the predictors of late diagnosis of cancer, in order to improve the targeting of  earlier diagnosis initiatives
  • Understanding the predictors of a negative experience of cancer care to help prioritise and inform quality improvement
  • Methodological aspects of earlier diagnosis and patient experience research, to support wider and more appropriate use of data by policy-makers and others
  • Quality of prescribing, and safe and rationale use of medicines in primary care


For a selected list of publications, see here.

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