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 Anas El TurabiDr Anas El Turabi - Academic Clinical Fellow

Anas completed an NIHR Academic Clinical Fellowship at the Primary Care Unit in 2013. Working with Yoryos Lyratzopoulos as part of Prof Martin Roland's Health Services Research Group, Anas explored variations in cancer patient experience of shared decision making, whilst also completing his General Practice training and an MPhil in Primary Care Research.

Anas trained in medicine at Oxford and prior to joining the Unit, spent two years at the Department of Health working on health research system evaluation and global health research policy.

He is now undertaking a PhD in Health Policy at Harvard University and holds an Honorary Research Fellowship at RAND Europe.


Saunders, C., Abel, G., & Turabi, A. El. (2013). Accuracy of routinely recorded ethnic group information compared with self-reported ethnicity: evidence from the English Cancer Patient Experience survey. BMJ Open, 3(6), e002882–e002882. doi:10.1136/bmjopen-2013-002882

El Turabi, A., Abel, G. A., Roland, M., & Lyratzopoulos, G. (2013). Variation in reported experience of involvement in cancer treatment decision making: evidence from the National Cancer Patient Experience Survey. British Journal of Cancer. doi:10.1038/bjc.2013.316

Gray, M., & El Turabi, A. (2012). Optimising the value of interventions for populations. British Medical Journal, 345; e6192.

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El Turabi, A., Hallsworth, M., Ling, T., & Grant, J. (2011). A novel performance monitoring framework for health research systems: experiences of the National Institute for Health Research in England. Health Research Policy and Systems BioMed Central, 9(1), 13.

O?Reilly, D., El Turabi, A., Coats, T., & Willett, K. (2011). Trauma research: An opportunity and a challenge. Injury, 42(2), 117-118.


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