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Jenni BurtDr Jenni Burt - Research Associate


Jenni Burt is a Research Associate within the Health Services Research Group led by Professor Martin Roland. She has a degree in Biological Anthropology from Cambridge University, an MSc in Public Health from the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine (LSHTM), and a PhD in Epidemiology and Public Health from UCL. Prior to joining the Unit in February 2010, Jenni was a member of the UCL Health Care Evaluation Group, supported by an MRC Special Training Fellowship in Health Services Research. Jenni has held previous research positions at LSHTM and King's College London.

Current interests

Jenni’s main research interests are in the determinants of health care use, patient experience of health care, and the development and application of mixed methods. During her MRC Fellowship, Jenni investigated equity of use of specialist palliative care services in relation to age. She is currently project managing the “Improve” NIHR programme grant, investigating how data on patient experience of general practice can be used to improve quality of care. She is also involved in evaluating care planning in the treatment of long term conditions.

Selected publications

Burt J, Rick J, Blakeman T, Protheroe J, Roland M, Bower P. Care plans and care planning in long term conditions: a conceptual model. Primary Health Care Research and Development 2013. doi:10.1017/S1463423613000327

Newbould J, Burt J, Bower P, Blakeman T, Kennedy A, Rogers A, Roland M. Experiences of care planning in England: interviews with patients with long term conditions. BMC Family Practice 2012, 13:71

Burt J, Roland M, Paddison C, Reeves D, Campbell J, Abel G, Bower P. Prevalence and benefits of care plans and care planning for people with long-term conditions in England. Journal of Health Services Research & Policy 2012 17(Suppl 1): 64–71

Burt J, Plant H, Omar R, Raine R. Equity of use of specialist palliative care by age: cross-sectional study of lung cancer patients. Palliative Medicine 2010; 24: 641-650

?Burt J, Shipman C, Richardson A, Ream E, Addington-Hall J. The experiences of older adults in the community dying from cancer and non-cancer causes: a national survey of bereaved relatives. Age and Ageing 2010; 39(1):86-91

Burt J, Shipman C, Addington-Hall J, White P. Nursing the dying within a generalist caseload: a focus group study of district nurses. International Journal of Nursing Studies. 2008; 45(10):1470-8.?

Burt J, Raine R. The effect of age on referral to and use of specialist palliative care services in adult cancer patients: a systematic review. Age and Ageing 2006 35(5): 469-476

Burt J, Shipman C, White P, Addington-Hall J. Roles, service knowledge and priorities in the provision of palliative care: a postal survey of London GPs. Palliative Medicine 2006 20(5): 487-492

Burt J, Shipman C, White P, Addington-Hall J. Palliative Care. Perspectives on caring for dying people in London. London: The King’s Fund, 2005.

Burt J, Barclay S, Marshall N, Shipman C, Stimson A and Young J. Continuity within primary palliative care: an audit of general practice out of hours co-operatives.Journal of Public Health Medicine 2004; 26(3): 275-276

Burt J, Hooper R, Jessopp L. The relationship between use of NHS Direct and deprivation in south east London: an ecological analysis. Journal of Public Health Medicine 2003; 25(2): 174-176.


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