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Dr Jenny Newbould - Research Associate


Dr Jennifer Newbould joined the Health Services Research Group in September 2009 and holds a joint post with the University of Cambridge and RAND Europe, a not-for-profit policy research organisation.   After completing a BSc in Sociology Jennifer gained a PhD at the University of London which explored the views of young people and their parents to the management of asthma and diabetes. Jennifer previously worked as a Research Fellow at the School of Pharmacy, University of London.

Current interests

Jennifer specialises in qualitative research techniques and is especially interested in patient experience. Her particular research interests are young people’s health and the management of chronic conditions. Her current work in the unit focuses on the views of health professionals and patients of the General Practice Patient Survey.

Selected publications

Newbould J (2010) The ideas and health context from which self management emerged In:   Jones, F.R. (Ed) Working with self-management courses – The thoughts of participants, planners and policy makers. Oxford, Oxford University Press, pp. 9-16.

Nolte E, Newbould J and Conklin A. (2010) International variation in the usage of medicines, A review of the literature. Cambridge: RAND Europe (Technical report TR830-DH).

Smith FJ, Taylor KMG, Newbould J and Keady S (2008) Medicines for chronic illness at school: experiences and concerns of young people and their parents. Journal of Clinical Pharmacy and Therapeutics, 33 (5), 537-544.

Newbould J, Smith FJ, Francis S-A (2008) “I’m fine doing it on my own”: partnerships between young people and their parents in the management of medication for asthma and diabetes. Journal of Child Health Care, 12, 116-128.

Newbould J and Taylor D (2008) Living with plenty – The twenty first century role of pharmacy and pharmaceutical innovation in the prevention and treatment of diabetes mellitus. London: School of Pharmacy. 

Newbould J, Francis S-A, Smith FJ. (2007) Young people’s experiences of managing asthma and diabetes at school. Archives of disease in childhood, 92, 1077-81.

Newbould J, Taylor D, Bury M (2006) Lay led self-management in chronic illness: a review of the evidence. Chronic Illness, 2 (4) 249-261.

Bury M, Newbould J, Taylor D (2005) A rapid review of the current state of knowledge regarding lay-led self-management of chronic illness – evidence review. London: National Insititue for Health and Clinical Excellence.





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