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Gareth Hollands

Dr Gareth Hollands - Research Associate

MA (Oxon), MSc (Lond), PhD (Lond)

Gareth is a health psychologist primarily interested in interventions to change health behaviour. As a Research Associate in the Behaviour and Health Research Unit, he is currently working on a range of evidence reviews and primary research projects examining the most effective ways to change behaviour at the population level (http://www.bhru.iph.cam.ac.uk/).

Gareth studied Experimental Psychology at the University of Oxford and then worked in clinical psychology settings in neurological rehabilitation and mental health, followed by a year in San Francisco, USA working in an HIV research unit. After an MSc in Health Psychology at University College London, he completed a PhD in Health Psychology at the Institute of Psychiatry, King’s College London, awarded in 2010.

His research interests include:

  • The effects of communicating highly salient risk information (e.g., aversive visual images, genetic risks) on health behaviour and underlying cognitive and emotional mechanisms
  • The role of automatic or non-reflective processes in behaviour change, and interventions that capitalise on these processes
  • Evidence synthesis and its methods, principally in relation to behavioural interventions


Selected publications

Hollands GJ, Armstrong D, Macfarlane A, Crook M, Marteau TM (2012). Patient accounts of diagnostic testing for familial hypercholesterolaemia: comparing responses to genetic and non-genetic testing methods. BMC Medical Genetics; 13:87.

Marteau TM, Hollands GJ, Fletcher PC (2012). Changing human behavior to prevent disease: the importance of targeting automatic processes. Science; 337:1492-1495.

Hollands GJ, Whitwell SCL, Parker RA, Prescott NJ, Forbes A, Sanderson J, Mathew CG, Lewis CM, Watts S, Sutton S, Armstrong D, Kinmonth AL, Prevost AT, Marteau TM (2012). Effect of communicating DNA based risk assessments for Crohn’s disease on smoking cessation: randomised controlled trial. BMJ; 345:e4708.

Marteau TM, Aveyard P, Munafò MR, Prevost AT, Hollands GJ, Armstrong D, Sutton S, Hill C, Johnstone E, Kinmonth AL (2012). Effect on adherence to nicotine replacement therapy of informing smokers their dose is determined by their genotype: a randomised controlled trial. PLoS ONE; 7:e35249.

Crockett RA, Hollands GJ, Jebb S, Marteau TM (2011). Nutritional labelling for promoting healthier food purchasing and consumption (Protocol). Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews; 9: CD009315.

Hollands GJ, Vogt F, McDermott M, Parsons AC, Aveyard P (2011). Interventions to increase adherence to medications for tobacco dependence (Protocol). Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews; 6:CD009164. 

Hollands GJ, Cameron LD, Crockett RA, Marteau TM (2011). Presentation of aversive visual images in health communication for changing health behaviour (Protocol). Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews; 4:CD009086. 

Hollands GJ, Prestwich A, Marteau TM (2011). Using aversive images to enhance healthy food choices and implicit attitudes: an experimental test of evaluative conditioning. Health Psychology; 30:195-203.

Marteau TM, French DP, Griffin SJ, Prevost AT, Sutton S, Watkinson C, Attwood S, Hollands GJ (2010). Effects of communicating DNA-based disease risk estimates on risk-reducing behaviours (Review). Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews; 10:CD007275.

Hollands GJ, Hankins M, Marteau TM (2010). Visual feedback of individuals’ medical imaging results for changing health behaviour (Review). Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews; 1: CD007434.


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