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Suzanna Forwood

Dr Suzanna Forwood - Research Associate

Suzanna studied Natural Sciences (specialising in Physiology and Psychology) at the University of Cambridge, and then completed her PhD also at Cambridge. Her thesis focused on understanding the neural substrates of recognition memory in rodents.

Subsequently she worked on computational models of learning, with a particular interest in the whether perception, learning and memory are separate computational processes, or different aspects of one generic computation putatively taking place in the neocortex.

As a Research Associate in the Behaviour and Health Research Unit, Suzanna is working on understanding the factors surrounding a food presentation that drive its selection.  These include labelling, descriptions, illustrations, goal-priming, hedonic associations and other factors that alter preference for a given food item, both explicitly and more subliminally. 

Please see http://www.neuroscience.cam.ac.uk/directory/profile.php?sef26 for past publications.




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