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Jane Melia

Dr Jane Melia - Honorary Senior Research Fellow

Jane Melia joined the General Practice and Primary Care Research Unit in 2011 as a Visiting Researcher. Jane first worked and studied for her Ph D in epidemiology in the Department of Community Medicine at UMDS St Thomas’ Campus, London. She later became a team leader in the Cancer Screening Evaluation Unit at the Institute of Cancer Research, Sutton studying the prevention and early detection of melanoma, and colorectal and prostate cancers.

Her main interest is the evaluation of initiatives to improve the early detection and screening of cancers.   She is currently studying outcome measures for the evaluation of early detection initiatives for colorectal and ovarian cancers. She is also conducting a follow- up study of her previous research into the rates of Prostate Specific Antigen testing for prostate cancer in primary care and GPs’ use of guidelines.

Selected recent publications

1. Melia J, Dearnaley D, Moss S, Johns L, Coulson P, Moynihan C et al. The feasibility and results of a population-based approach to evaluating prostate-specific antigen screening for prostate cancer in men with a raised familial risk. Br J Cancer 2006 ; Feb 27;94(4): 499-506.

2. Sweetman J, Watson M, Norman A, Bunstead Z, Hopwood P, Melia J et al. Feasibility of familial PSA screening: psychosocial issues and screening adherence. Br J Cancer 2006; Feb 27;94(4): 507-12.

3. Melia J, Moseley R, Ball RY, Griffiths DFR, Grigor K, Harnden P, Jarmulowicz M, McWilliam LJ, Montironi R , Waller M, Moss S, Parkinson MC. A UK-based investigation of inter- and intra-observer reproducibility of Gleason grading of prostatic biopsies. Histopathology 2006. 48, 644-654.

4. Chris Parker, Dominic Muston, Jane Melia, Sue Moss, David Dearnaley. A model of the natural history of screen-detected prostate cancer, and the effect of radical treatment on overall survival. Br. J Cancer 2006, May 22;94(10):1361-1368.

5. Weller D., Coleman D., Robertson R., Butler P., Melia J., Campbell C., Parker R., Patnick J., Moss S. The UK colorectal cancer screening pilot: results of the second round of screening in England. Br.J.Cancer 2007 Dec 17;97(12):1601-5..

6. Melia J, Coulson P, Coleman D, Moss S. Urological referral of asymptomatic men in General Practice in England. British Journal of Cancer (2008) 98, 1176-1181.

7. Harnden P, Coleman D, Moss S, Kodikara S, Patnick J, Melia J. Prostatic pathology reporting in the UK: development of a national external quality assurance scheme. Histopathology 2008, 52:147-57

8. Jones AM, Morris E, Thomas J, Forman D, Melia J, Moss SM. Evaluation of bowel cancer registration data in England, 1996-2004. Br J Cancer, 2009 Oct 20;101(8):1269-73. PMID 19773758.

9. Melia J, Coulson P, Moss S, Coleman D. Effects of a prostate awareness pilot on GP consultations and PSA requests. Family Practice. Feb 2010:(1):69-76.

10. Wright KC, Harnden P, Moss S, Berney DM, Melia S. A practical application of analysing weighted kappa for panels of experts and EQA schemes in pathology J Clin Path. 2011 Mar;64(3):257-60

11. Moss SM, Campbell C, Melia J, Coleman D, Smith S, Parker R, Ramsell P, Patnick J, Weller DP. Performance measures in three rounds of the English Bowel Cancer Screening Pilot. Gut. accepted for publication 2011

12. Harnden P, Coleman D, Moss S, Kodikara S, Griffin NR, Melia J. Evaluation of the use of digital images for a national prostate core EQA scheme. Histopathology. Accepted for publication 2011


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