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Academic General Practice in the UK Medical Schools - Introduction

Academic General Practice UK Book CoverIn the Summer of 2011 John Howie, Michael Whitfield, Frank Sullivan, Lewis Ritchie, James Knox, Frank Sullivan, David Weller, David Hannay, Graham Watt, Nigel Stott, Chris Butler, George Irwin, Philip Reilly, Andrew Murphy, Bill Shannon, Tom Fahey, Tom O’Dowd, Colin Bradley, Gerard Bury, Walter Cullen, Michael Drury, Richard Hobbs, Debbie Sharp, Bob Berrington, John Perry, Nigel Oswald, Martin Roland, John Benson, Ann Louise Kinmonth, Denis Pereira Gray, John Wright, Conrad Harris, Robin Fraser, Brian McGuinness, Ian Stanley, Christopher Dowrick, David Metcalf, Carl Whitehouse, John Walker, John Spencer, Idris Williams, Godfrey Fowler, Nigel Mathers, George Freeman, John Bain, Tony Kendrick, Colin Leonard, James Scobie, Marshall Marinker, Andy Haines, Brian Jarman, Roger Higgs, David Morrell, Roger Jones, Paul Julian, Sally Hull, Sean Hilton, Margaret Lloyd, Chris Donovan, Michael Modell, Cathy Jackson, John Campbell, Helen Smith, Peter Campion, Amanda Howe, Robert McKinley, Mary Hoptroff, Jeremy Dale and Helen Lester published a collection of accounts of the early development of the Departments of General Practice in the UK. Our contribution (Chapter 9)  brought together key founders of our Unit; Bob Berrington, John Perry, Nigel Oswald, Martin Roland, John Benson and the result can be read in the book Academic General Practice in the UK Medical Schools, 1948-2000 A Short History – ISBN 978 0 7486 4356 1 or here from Amazon

As we developed the Chapter, one group was referred to repeatedly: The Fenland Research Group. It became plain how important this grouping was, not only to the individual development and support of its members, but as a strong base from which the subsequent academic unit developed. An account of the Fenland Group and its members can be read here .

Ann Louise Kinmonth

Founder Chair of General Practice

University of Cambridge

September 2011

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