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Dr Juliet Draper

Dr Juliet DraperDr Juliet Draper is now retired from 20 years in general practice but still works as a consultant in communication skills training in the medical interview.

She gained her MD in 1986 for a thesis on antenatal care which first sparked off her interest in the patient’s perspective. The research was carried out in Cambridge whilst she being a part time research fellow at Hughes Hall.

She and Dr Jonathan Silverman together with Professor Suzanne Kurtz developed, in the 1990s, what is now known as the Calgary-Cambridge approach to teaching and learning communication skills in medicine.

This approach is published as Teaching and Learning Communication skills in Medicine, and Skills for Communicating with Patients (2005) These two books are now the basis for the communication curriculum for clinical medical and veterinary schools and many postgraduate departments of general practice not only in the UK but in medical school all over the world.

Juliet gained her FRGP for services to GP education.

She still teaches medical undergraduates in communication skills and travels all over the world teaching trainers and students from places as far flung as Khartoum and Kazakhstan.


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